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Company news

How to Produce For FTTH Fiber Cable?

Whar’t FTTH fiber cable

FTTH is mean fiber to home,FTTH is the delivery of a communication signal through optical fiber from the operator’s switching equipment to the home or business, thus replacing the existing copper infrastructure, Here, “H” includes both domestic and small businesses.

FTTH structure

1. Fiber

2. FRP or steel wire

3. Member(steel wire rope)

4. Sheath

How the FTTH fiber cable produce?

1. drawing tower

2. Optical Fiber coloring and rewinding machine

3. Indoor and outdoor FTTH drop cable extrusion line

一、Draw tower

The optical fiber is obtained from a multi-layer, pure glass cylinder, called the preform. This large tube (generally 20 cm around and 2 m high) is set vertically at the top of a metal tower. Because the final glass fiber is obtained by “drawing” down a droplet, it is commonly called the draw tower.

.Fiber coloring and rewinding machine

FBK-1800 fiber coloring rewinding machine is mainly used for full color chromatographic coloring of SM and MM fibers, which is convenient for identification of multiple fibers in the PBT fiber tube or micron cables. At the same time, the device can also be used for rewinding segmentation of optical fibers.

Indoor and outdoor FTTH drop cable extrusion line

This Optical cable production line makes FTTH drop fiber optic cable 2.0x3.0mm, 2.0x5.0mm. Cable structure: bare fibers + steel wires/FRP strengthen members + LSZH/PVC/PE sheath, and other similar cables.

Main structure

1. Φ800 Stengthen member bigger steel wire pay-off;

2.Straightening Platform: Make the wire straight before entering the crosshead

3. 4 heads fiber +2head FRP/ small Steel wire pay-off;

4. Mobile mold supporting;

5.  50 extruder;

6.  Dryer +hopper;

6. IPC+PLC  control systerm;

7. moving water trough and warm water tank;

8.  fixed type cooling water trough and cooling water tank

9. cable accumulator;

10.moving water trough and cooling water tank;

11. laser diameter gauge;

12.printer support

13. dual-wheel capstan;

14. dual-wheel take-up

Concluding remarks

If you are interested in this iterm or want to  know more optcail cable information ,please contact us.thanks



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