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PLC Control Horizontal Cable Twisting Machine


Back twisting synchronize while pair twisting for frequent data cable LAN CABLE(CAT 6 cable) to insulated core wire position interlace equilibria,overcomes to pair twist tension strength inequality.Thus make high-speed pair twist,Quality equality,section from precisely.Adapts to CAT 7 cable to twist synchronize backward twisting.

  • twist-back machine: main motor 5.5KW Shenzhen Inovance transducer control, motorized feeding-wire 1HP Shenzhen Inovance transducer control.
  • pair-twisting machine: 4KW Shenzhen Inovance transducer control
  • twist-back machine and pairing machine are synchronous to control.
  • Indicator lights, switch, button, etc
  • twist-back rate setting table,pairing take-up meter table
  • auto-adjustment tension electromagnetic clutch controls the take-up tension
  • PLC control

Model 500 Pair Twisting Machine
Max. speed (rpm) 2200
Range of pitch (mm) 7-50
Pitch change Change gear
Twisting direction S & Z
Cable type Leveraged
Reel up and down Motor-driven
Main motor power (kw) 4
Electrical control 380V 50Hz PLC+ Converter
Figuer dimension (mm) 2650×1250×1270
Model Horizontal type500 Backing Twising
Max. speed (rpm) 1500
Backtwisting radio Commend 30-35%
Pay off tension Adjustable
Backtwisting direction S & Z
Reel up and down Motor-driven
Main motor power (kw) 5.5
Pay off motor power 0.75×2set
Electrical control 380V 50Hz
Figuer dimension (mm) 2100×1680×1420

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