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Premises Distribution Fiber Optic Cable Machine With SZ Oscillator


Fiber optic premises distribution cable machine mainly is used to produce simplex cable, duplex cable and the distribution cable which has the cores 2~24 fibers.

Cable structures:

A. Indoor distribution cable with 0.6/0.9mm buffer fibers up to + Kevlar/aramid yarn strengthen members + LSZH/PVC sheath;

B. Breakout cable with 2.0mm simplex +fillers/ strengthen members + LSZH/PVC sheath;

C. Micro beakout cable with multi colored bare fiber sub-unit + fillers/ strengthen members + LSZH/PVC sheath;

Finished cable:

Extruder type 70×25 Extruder
extrusion material LSZH,PVC,PE
structure speed Max.120m/min
No of optical fiber pay-off reels 12/24 reels
Specification of tight buffered fiber pay-off reels 400mm
Core wire diameter 0.6/0.9/2.0
Pay-off tension of tight buffered fiber 1N-3N
Aramid yarn pay off(passive or active optional) 12/16/24
Take-up reels Specification PN800 reel and PN1250 reel
excess loss after extrusion 1550nm<=0.02dB/km(single mold optical fiber)
Center height of machine 1000mm from background

Items Qty.
Φ800-1250 central strength-member pay-off 1set
24heads tight buffered fiber pay-off 1set

4 heads aramid yarn pay-off (motorized aramid yarn pay-off option available)

SZ Oscillator 1set
Mobile mold supporting 1set
70 extruder 1set
75kg Dryer +hopper 1set
IPC+PLC program control systerm 1set
4m moving water trough and warm water tank 1set
12m fixed type cooling water trough and cooling water tank+chiller 1set
laser diameter gauge 1set
dual-wheel capstan 1set

φ800 dual-wheel tension unit


800-1250mm shaftless longmen type take-up


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