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Double Twister for Stranding Multi Strand Copper Wire


Double Twisting Machine is mainly used for stranding multi-strand copper wire, tin-coated wire, silver-coated wire and insulated wire.

  • More stability, high production efficiency, low noise and easy to operation.

  • Production capacity is 3~4.5 times more than tube type and frame type twisting machine.

  • Pitch can be changed by Electronic, save time and more easily.

  • The twist adopts the latest technology of our company. The main shaft bearing has special structure and lubrication to reduce friction temperature and noise of the frame inside and bearing when the machine operates in high speed. The twist is processed with precision dynamic balance correction of chrome plated polishing and has stable operation. The material of twisted bow is NS copper from Japan with surface treatment of bow guide wheel.

Item specification
Twisted area 1.2-38.0mmsquare
Single wire diameter Ф1.0mm~Ф2.5mm(2~3)core wire
Pitch 20~120 mm,can adjust
Take up Ф1000mm×750mm or 800
Capstan wheel Ф230mm ,can change to Ф300mm
Max.rotation speed 0~800RPM/MIN
bobbin up and down Automatic lifting
direction S or Z
Traverse Φ40mm axis bearing traverse , pitch and width is adjustable.
Take up tension 10KG Magnetic clutch
Auto stop A:inside and outside auto stop when wire broken B:Auto meter count,when up to set meter,auto stop
Bearing Main bearing use SKF ,other part use NSK
Drive Zhejiang pioneer brand motor 15KW,Inovance Variable frequency speed control
Machine size 4473*2200*2300
Machine weight About 7T
Electric part Siemens PLC +weilun touch screen,yangming meter counter;IDEC brand switch;other parts use CHNT OR TEND;
Brake electromagnetism brake 40 Kg.m
Gearbox 1:10 The main shaft drive is changed by gearbox, which can change the disadvantages of the gears
Gearbox 1:10 Take up change to use gearbox reduce the speed,also Reduce the magnetic powder sliding coefficient, make the magnetic powder not high temperature, the service life is longer

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