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Cat5/6 Network Core Wire Pair Twist Machine+Back twist machine


This Double head backing twisting pay-off and double twisting machine is used for twisting the cat5, cat6 and cat7 lan cable. Our equipment is used widely in wire and cable making industry. It is high quality ,high speed .

HMI + PLC control system, twisting pitch, production, line speed set on touch screen, alarm and recipe system, easy  operation.
Pitch accurate, changed mechanically, so pitch can be constant when speed accelerating or decelerating.
Traversing unit moves on railway guides via motor, superior quality for twisted cable electrical performance.

Model 500 Pair Twisting Machine
Max. speed (rpm) 2200
Range of pitch (mm) 7-50
Pitch change Change gear
Twisting direction S & Z
Cable type Leveraged
Reel up and down Motor-driven
Main motor power (kw) 4
Electrical control 380V 50Hz PLC+ Converter
Figuer dimension (mm) 2650×1250×1270
Model 500 Backing Twising
Max. speed (rpm) 1000
Backtwisting radio Commend 30-35%
Pay off tension Adjustable
Backtwisting direction S & Z
Reel up and down Motor-driven
Main motor power (kw) 3.7
Pay off motor power 0.75×2set
Electrical control 380V 50Hz
Figuer dimension (mm) 2100×1680×1420

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