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PVC Insulated Wire and Cable Extrusion Machine


Suitable for the extrusion of PVC,PE,PU and other plastic material,mainly applied in the insulation or sheath extrusion of car cable,net wire,power cable,data wire,high frequency wire,building wire,electric wire.etc.The changed screw is suitable for extrusion of low smoke halogen free,nylon and other plastic material.

Model GF-50+35mm GF-60+35mm GF-70+35mm GF-80+40mm GF-90+40mm
Pay off type Active type single axis tension pay off Shaftless magnetic powder tension pay off
Screw Φ50mm Φ60mm Φ70mm Φ80mm Φ90mm
Screw L/D ratio 25:1 BM type 25:1 BM type 25:1 BM type 25:1 BM type 25:1 BM type
Extrusion output 70kg/hr 100kg/hr 150kg/hr 200kg/hr 250kg/hr
Main motor power 11kw 15kw 22kw 30kw 45kw
Insulation diameter Φ 0.6 - 4mm Φ0.8 - 8mm Φ1.5 - 12mm Φ3.0-15mm Φ3.0-15mm
Temperature control 5 segment 6 segment 6 segment 7 segment 7 segment
Cooling device Single / double layer U type
Capstan power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 11kw
Accumulator length 250m 250m 200m 200m 200m
Accumulator type level way level way level way level way level way
Outlet wire speed Max200m/min Max250m/min Max300m/min Max300m/min Max300m/min
Take up type Double axis No- axis double bobbin
Take up bobbin Φ400-500mm Φ400-500mm Φ500-630mm Φ800-1250mm Φ800-1250mm
Electrical control Inverter + PLC ( For option)

Pre-sale training: In order to guarantee the customers fully to operate the machine, if the customer need, we can help customer training, includes

1)Correct operating mode

2)Correct maintenance way

3)Remove simple problem of our product

Since the shipment date, our company freely assuring period of after-sale maintenance service is:

1)1year for mechanical part

2)6 month for electrical part

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